Our favourite Spanish cities – so far!!

When I tell people that we are trying to visit every city in Spain, there is an obvious response (apart from why!!) – which is your favourite?

Problem – it changes, and “it depends”. However, put on the spot, so far mine is Gijon, in Asturias, closely followed by Salamanca, Valencia, and Zaragoza. I will be putting links onto each of these, and maybe see a few photos of why I like them!

Here is the database I am working from – 47 cities in total.

Spain cities database

All cities are on the Spanish mainland, we don’t count the various Spanish islands. We also don’t include cities that are in effect a large conurbation in either Madrid or Barcelona “comunidades”, since in general, while having large populations, they are considered part of that city.

Visiting Every City in Spain

Bull ring Seville
The Bull Ring in Seville

It never was an ambition, until my wife, June, asked me about 2 years ago how many cities I had actually been to in Spain ……. and because it was more than half of them, we agreed it would be good to try to visit them all…..

In many cities in Spain over the last 5 years, I have taken photos, kept files of hotels and bookings made, and generally recall what we did, where we went, and retain a fairly strong opinion of “how was it?”.

So, read on if you have any passion for Spain, or interest in the meanderings of a retired traveller, who still loves wandering; I will be adding to this Blog regularly from now on, given good health and reasonable memory remain!!

Hasta la vista ……